Ignition repair/switch in Gilbert

When you get up to go to the office to complete important projects before a morning staff meeting, the last thing you expect is that you could be stuck for hours because you need car ignition repair. You will only be delayed if you call a small service that doesn’t have the staff or the resources to react quickly. But if you call us, we will be at your door in a hurry and could get you to the office on time.

Our locksmiths will do several things first before they do extensive auto ignition repair. Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road fast. We will wiggle the steering wheel, lubricate and clean your lock cylinder, check the tumbler and spring, and examine the integrity of the key.


Broken key removed and ignition switch replaced

Broken key removed

If none of these loosens the system to get the key to turn, you will need a new ignition switch. We always have this part in stock and bring it with us after you call and tell us the vehicle make and model. This is a service that can be extensive since it involves removal of your steering wheel and disconnecting the airbag.

Best left to a skilled auto locksmith, this is a safety feature of your vehicle and you should not do it independently if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Other problems that we can fix efficiently include removing broken key in ignition. Surprisingly, this is a common problem. We have the tools to take keys out safely. Forcing it to turn in the ignition if it is stuck can result in a damaged key. But our locksmiths will replace your keys while taking the leftover piece out.

Ignition lock cylinder replacement conveniently

When your key gets stuck in the ignition, it might be time to get it replaced. Your keys could actually turn and fail to fire the engine. If this happens you need to change ignition lock cylinder to get reliable transportation. You shouldn’t gamble with your car because it is one of the means by which you earn a living.

Lost keys or ones that are broken, bent or damaged in any other way may cause you to miss important appointments. If you have a new job, you want to create the best impression and not let everyone in the office know you have vehicle trouble. If you need car ignition key replacement our mobile locksmiths will come help you early in the morning.

Ignition lock cylinder replacement